Utilities & Telecom

Controlling outdoor and remote facilities can be challenging, many industries, such as telecom, water utilities, electricity, and oil & gas pipelines hold valuable and critical resources in outdoor locations that are unguarded nor monitored

In the face of increasing the importance and value of assets at these sites, the outdoor access control is about to go through what happened 30 years ago to commercial and industrial buildings

The Challenge

Protecting remote, outdoor locations

Often, the most critical equipment and infrastructure are located far from the main office, such as cellular towers, electricity and telecom cabinets, and oil & gas facilities. Millions of dollars are lost because of theft, damages, and downtime every year. Many man-hours are wasted when professionals are unable to access these work sites immediately when needed.

Outdoor facilities pose a unique set of security and management challenges:

  • At outdoor sites there is often no conventional access to networks or even electricity that are required for the common access control systems currently available
  • Many of these facilities are exposed to cold, heat, wind and ice and require security solutions that can withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Keys, cards and touchpad codes can be duplicated, lost, or stolen – and the cost of replacement at remote sites can be very high

OUTLOCKS Real Time Solution

OUTLOCKS combines patented Wi-Key technology with unique Real Time access control system  specially designed for outdoor use.
The OUTLOCKS solution features:

  • An autonomous  retrofit solution
  • Real Time, Online control & monitoring – Who, When and Where will access the sites, monitor how long the site is open, verify Doors & Gates are locked at the end of work and many other control capabilities
  • Virtual Keys – via mobile application. No physical key management. 
  • Offline solutions for site with no communication.
  • Real Time Notifications – SMS, Email, Web. Alerting if site is left Open, abnormal activities, etc. All notifications are defined at the management system
  • Extremely strong – secure locks for doors, cabinets, containers, vehicles and more
  • For shelters and cabinets Locks are invisible and vandal proof – no keyhole
  • Battery Operated – Long battery life, No power or network infrastructure is required. On Going battery level and monitoring
  • Easy integration with 3rd part security systems – Access Control, RMS, other peripheral alarm systems, security cameras, etc.