A Leading Technology

PIAM Cloud based solution designed to address top security stringent requirements both in cyber and physical security. Continual innovation in mission critical areas and banking and finance segments to enable top tier clients. With over 10 patents, this company is a powerhouse for over 18 years for the design of tens of highly durable locking devices addressing customer unique needs a round the world


The Wi-Key™ System is a Real-time access management system based on a combination of management software with special outdoor & banking features and a Heavy-Duty locking devices operated by a smartphone application.

OUTLOCKS’ patented, concealed Locking devices are designed as anti-vandalism and pick resistant, and meet harsh weather conditions. They are autonomous and does not require electricity nor network infrastructure,  they are very low maintenance, and no commissioning process is required in the system setup process.

  • Web-based software with highly flexible authorization capabilities
  • Full integration capabilities with enterprises systems using RESTful API
  • Military Grade Cybersecurity – 4 layers asymmetric encryption 256Bit
  • Secure access with 2-Factor authentication
  • Biometric Locks opening
  • Door Confirm Locking mechanism
  • Notification matrix by event and discipline
  • Geo-Fencing capabilities 
  • Dual Opening – 2 authorized staff to open a lock

  • Locks meet top international standards; UL, IEC, IECEx, IP