REST-full OpenAPI
Integrate OUTLOCKS’ Access Management Core with your own systems – Security modules; Work force management; Resource Monitoring etc.

OUTLOCKS’ API enables integrating OUTLOCKS’ propriety access management capabilities into your 3rd party software whether it The company’s indoor¬† Access Management system or work force management, security modules, RMS and etc.

The API gives you access to multiple functionalities such as defining locks, sites, accounts, work orders, groups and secured access for system users, as well as retrieve reports and event log of the locks and the system.

You may use the API to upgrade your assets’ security by using OUTLOCKS’ Wi-Key BLE technology locks with your own systems, as well as upgrade your control over who access your asset, when and where.

OUTLOCKS’ API is a REST-full Open-API compliant with JSON payload

Mobile SDK – Android, iOS
Integrate the capability of OUTLOCKS’ Wi-Key Technology into your Enterprise’s smartphone application.

OUTLOCKS’ SDK enables you to develop a smartphone application encapsulating the capability to operate an OUTLOCKS’ BLE technology lock. Using the SDK, you will be able to operate the lock- unlock, relock, confirm locking, get audit etc., using your own application.

OUTLOCKS provides a standard mobile SDK (Android and iOS) that gets your team quickly up and running with full feature set integration and locking device operations.