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LNLi Access Management Software

Feature Review

  • Web based Management software
  • Wi-Key Support
    • Define authorizes devices and personnel
    • Work orders including Access times, Key Validity, Geo-fencing etc.
      • Flexible  Access authorization- 24/7, working hours only, Window of time, One Time Work Order
    • Confirm Lock monitoring
    • Geo Fencing definitions
    • Offline access and Text messing support to get Access Keys (encrypted)
    • Online audit trail and Events log
    • Notifications – SMS, Email
  • Knock Code Technology support
    • Variety of code types: Regular, Time frame based and Service codes
    • Variety of time frame definitions (shifts, opening hours, holidays)
    • Advanced Locking units, Key holders and User privileges and Permission management
    • Locking unit audit trail and system event log
    • Time Limited service codes by Text Messaging*
    • Work orders
    • Supervisor online authorization

Integration with 3rd party Management Software

  • Log’n’Lock easily integrates with 3rd party software using API – OpenAPI platform
  • Users seamlessly use their software and benefit from advanced Log’n’Lock features
  • Integration reduces the amount of applications used by operators



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