Lock/ Unlock Status Switch

Model LC460
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OUTLOCKS’ Status Switch indicates the status (locked/unlocked) of the Locking Unit.
The indication may be set to Normally Open or Normally Closed based on operational needs.
The Status Switch is compatible with the VL464 Versatile Lock and LD850 Locking Device.

Technical Specifications

  • Case: Zamak casting
  • Finish: Silver aluminum
  • Size: L=32mm, W=30mm, H=16.6mm
  • Operating temperature: -35ºC to +65ºC
  • Output: Dry contact
  • Current Rating: 100mA
  • Voltage Rating: 30VDC


  • Form: Cardboard box
  • Size: L=245mm, W=95mm, H=53mm
  • Weight: 355gr
  • Content: 10 x LC463 Units


  • FCC
  • EN-61010-1
  • EN-61326-1
  • IP53


LC460 Door Status Switch datasheet

Added : 20/6/18
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