Emergency KnocKey™

Model PK174E


The PK174E is a dual functionality KnocKey™ used for transmitting service codes as well as timeframe-limited fixed codes for emergency scenarios.
The Emergency functionality is activated using a unique activation code which enables the KnocKey™ to transmit fixed codes according to predefined timeframes and number of uses. The activation code is generated by the Log’n’Lock management software.
When the Emergency period expires or the number of uses has reached the permitted quota, the KnocKey™ reverts to standard operation as a Service Code KnocKey™, for day-to-day use.


  • Unlocks any OUTLOCKS locking unit during downtime of critical management and communication systems.
  • Dual purpose key for both emergency and routine uses.


Dual mode KnocKey™ used for applications requiring emergency access using fixed codes, when service code generation may not be available.

Technical Specifications

  • Case: Plastic
  • Keypad: Metal tactile switches
  • Backlight: Blue
  • Size: L=71mm, H=20mm, W=39mm
  • Operating Temperature: -15ºC to +65ºC
  • Power: 1 x CR2 Lithium battery


  • Form: Cardboard box
  • Size: L=92mm, H=28mm, W=62mm
  • Weight: 54gr
  • Content: 1 x PK174E Unit (battery inside)
  • A Locking Unit can manage up to 2000 KnocKeys or 1000 Emergency KnocKeys


  • FCC
  • EN-61010-1
  • EN-61326-1


PK174E Dual purpose emergency KnocKey Datasheet

Added : 18/6/18