Blocking Device for Safe

Model SL870
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The OUTLOCKS’ Safe Blocking Device is a robust, highly resistant and compact lock designed for safes, as an advanced solution that enhances existing locking mechanisms. SL870 is controlled by OUTLOCKS’ CU874 Control Unit.


    • Robust locking unit, suitable for most safes
    • Integrates with existing safe locking mechanisms, rather than replacing them
    • Enhances the overall physical security level of the safe
    • Wide range of access management and control features


Most types of safes – retrofit or OEM applications.

Technical Specifications for SL870:

      • Case: Zamak casting
      • Mechanism: Stainless steel
      • Finish: Silver Aluminum
      • Size: L(Locked)=127mm, H=85mm, W=36mm
      • Blocking Rod Length: Extended 67mm
      • Travel distance: 32mm
      • Operating temperature: -35°C to +65°C


    • Form: 2 x Cardboard box
    • Size: SL870: L=160 mm, H=45mm, W=92mm
    • CU874: L=110mm, H=42mm, W=85mm
    • Weight: SL870: 580gr, CU874: 115gr
    • Content: 1 x SL870, 1 x CU874, 1 x 123A battery
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